TISANA. Fruktbiter drikke.

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The access to fresh fruits in Venezuela is simply a blessing. Our drink “Tisana” is a celebration to them. It is found all along the country and it can be made with any fruit you can think of .

This great drink is full of: vitamins, textures, colors and flavors. It is definitely a favorite for kids. Alternatively, it can be served frozen, in small plastic cups with an ice stick into them to be enjoyed as a super healthy iced lollies.

Even though this might seems to you more like a summer recipe, do not shy away from it only because it is winter!!!! It can be adapted to any seasonal fruit you might happen to find: blueberries, bananas, oranges, strawberries, grapes, kiwis, etc.

What makes a “Tisana” a proper one is its: Pinkish color, grenadine flavor, the amount and size of the fruit pieces: one bite size and variety!

The original recipe calls for grenadine sirup, but here in Norway is not so readily found: only in the “Winmonopolets” because this sirup is mostly used in the cocktail making… not cheap!

In replacement for the grenadine sirup I used FUN LIGHT: Granateple flavor and IT WORKED PERFECTLY!!!!!

Here my recipe:

1  litre Orange juice

800 grms (aprox.) of fresh fruit pieces: apples, watermelon, pineapple.

Fun light: Granateple flavor… add to taste (I used about 1 cup)

Mix well in a bowl: orange juice, fun light (to taste) and the fruit, let it rest for one hour in the fridge so all the flavor can be soaked up by the various fruits. Enjoy with friends and family.