MANJAR DE PIÑA. Ananas delikatesse.

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One historian says that the name “Ananas” was given to it by the “guranies” indigenous (today Paraguay) and it means: A=fruit and  NANAS= delicious, and who can argue that?.

This is a delicious dessert, that is present in almost any household in Venezuela. Easy to make. Its secret lies in using a good fresh pineapple juice as a base, the canned pineapple is a NO-NO for this recipe!!


600 gr fresh pineapple juice

25 gr sugar

40gr maizena

1 tbsp orange flower water (if you have it, otherwise you can do without)


Mix all the ingredients into a bowl, then transfer the mixture into a saucepan and bring to a boil. With a wooden spoon keep moving it, watching for the bottom of the pan as it thickens. Cook for about 10 min. Then transfer to a big bowl or smaller ones, whichever you prefer. Cover with cling film (making contact with the surface) place in the fridge. Enjoy once it has cooled down, approx. 1 hour


JUGO DE PIÑA PERFECTO. Den perfekte ananasjuice.

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Continuing with the pineapple recipes….this juice is simply perfect. Try it and your life will never be the same 🙂

Just make sure you use fresh pineapple. I mean: do not use the canned one!


The frozen pineapple chunks you reserved, from the Guarapo de piña recipe

2 cups of water

sugar to taste


Place the frozen chunks into the blender, water and sugar….blend and serve!!! the frozen pineapple will give and incredible refreshing texture to the drink. Enjoy!


By the way… if you enjoy this recipe, why don´t you to set aside some of this fab juice and make a manjar de piña, you will love it!!

GUARAPO DE PIÑA. Vann ananas smak.

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Pineapples taste delicious, but most importantly they are packed with vitamins and minerals, contain a very special enzyme called ‘Bromelain’, this enzyme breaks down protein, which makes it a great choice for dessert (if eaten/drunk fresh) after big hearty meals. Eating this fruit gives our body some wonderful health benefits and also aids us with a much better ability to fight against injuries and diseases.

The Pineapple is a beloved fruit to all venezuelans. In desserts, drinks, fermented drinks or simply as it is. The “Guarapo de piña” is a delicate flavoured drink and it couldn´t be any easier to make.

One thing to remember is that this “Guarapo” is the base for a famous fermented drink called “Chicha Andina” so bear in mind that if left for more than a week in you fridge it will start fermenting (even more if you kept it with the sugar in it). Its fermented flavor reminds to the one of the apple sider. So if you are not into fermented drinks… drink it within the first 4 days.

All that you need is a ripe pinneaple, to which you would wash its skin thoroughly.


1 ripe pineapple skin

cold water

Muscovado sugar to taste


Slice off the skin from the pineapple. Place the pineapple chunks into a bag and into the freezer (next recipe will call for them). Place the skin in a jug and cover it with water. let it rest in your fridge over night. Drain and serve cold with sugar to taste.