MANJAR DE PIÑA. Ananas delikatesse.

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One historian says that the name “Ananas” was given to it by the “guranies” indigenous (today Paraguay) and it means: A=fruit and  NANAS= delicious, and who can argue that?.

This is a delicious dessert, that is present in almost any household in Venezuela. Easy to make. Its secret lies in using a good fresh pineapple juice as a base, the canned pineapple is a NO-NO for this recipe!!


600 gr fresh pineapple juice

25 gr sugar

40gr maizena

1 tbsp orange flower water (if you have it, otherwise you can do without)


Mix all the ingredients into a bowl, then transfer the mixture into a saucepan and bring to a boil. With a wooden spoon keep moving it, watching for the bottom of the pan as it thickens. Cook for about 10 min. Then transfer to a big bowl or smaller ones, whichever you prefer. Cover with cling film (making contact with the surface) place in the fridge. Enjoy once it has cooled down, approx. 1 hour


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This rice drink is all of the three: filling, sweet and refreshing. The “chicha de arroz” was traditionally famous around the Caracas city centre. The “chicheros” used to work regularly on the same corner day after day for many years. Turning the spot very popular among the locals.

Nowadays, with an increasing hectic lifestyle, not many have the time to stop and enjoy a good old glass of “chicha” anymore 😦  the “chicheros” are becoming a rare sight around the city. However, we can find one in “El Hatillo” (a little town in the outskirts of Caracas, full of tradition and beauty) he attracts many weekend after weekend and I certify that his rice drink is the bee’s knees 🙂

This drink is a great option to include in the kid’s breakfast (and for those who are gluten intolerant or have the celiac disease). It will give them the burst of energy they require to face the school’s day load. Remember that they need some form of glucose in the mornings to feed their young brains, it keeps them alert and focused.


80 grms of rice * (1/4 cup)

300 grs milk (I prefer the full fat 😛 )

150 gr condensed milk

150 gr cold water (plus for soaking and cooking)


Pinch of salt

Sugar to taste ( I don´t. To me it’s enough with the sweetness of the condensed milk)

1 tbsp vanilla extract (or 1 vanilla bean split open) / or almond extract


Soak the rice in water over night (just enough to cover it). The next day place te rice into a pan add more water, if using vanilla bean add it at this point, bring to a boil then lower it to a medium heat for 15 min. Cook until very soft. Drain the water excess and discard the bean. Pour the rice along with the rest of the ingredients into a blender, blend for around 2-3 minutes**.  Serve with plenty of ice cubes and … an extra splash of condensed milk plus cinnamon, you will love it!. It Makes 4 glasses

* jasmin rice works well (the most popular type of rice found here in Norway) but in venezuela we use the american long grain rice. It depends on what type of rice you have in your cupboards, there is no need to rush and buy one just for this drink, any type of rice will work.

** Blending it for longer time will get you a smoother drink, you can strain it afterwards, so you get rid of the little rice lumps… I personally  don´t mind them.