AREPITAS DULCES. Anis mais brød.

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Arepitas dulces are a great family treat once in a while. I love them because of their crispiness and the way they puff. We eat them traditionally with white salty cheese (a bit similar to feta cheese).

Alone they are as good! but bear in mind that as soon they are cooked they must be eaten, so have the table set before you start cooking them: because they don’t wait for you to be ready! their puffiness is rapidly lost as soon as they cool down.

This dessert is a fried one. But don’t shy away from it because of this. Here are some recommendations you should follow when deep frying foods:

1. Use fresh oil, never reuse frying oil. Also choose your cooking oil carefully: sunflower oil, and canola oil are some good choices.

2. Have the oil hot enough before starting: Begin heating the oil over medium high heat, the oil is ready when a cube of white bread is dropped into the oil and it browns in 60 seconds (don’t throw things into cold oil and then waiting with the food already inside to heat up, that is when foods absorb unnecesary amounts of oil).

3. Don’t overcrowd the pan! Carefully add the food, leaving lots of space around each piece so the food will cook evenly. If you add too much at once, the oil temperature will drop and the food will absorb fat instead of instantly searing.

4. Have a basket or colander handy, plus a plate with absorbing kitchen paper under.

Ingredients makes about 15 (depending on the size you choose)

150 gr PAN (corn/maize) flour (only found in the foreigners´shop)

25 gr all purpose flour (hvetemel)

150 gr water

100 gr sugar cane sirup (use any kind of sirup of your choice, since granulated sugar will not work!)

2 tbsp anis seeds

Oil – enough for frying

Put all dry ingredients into a bowl, then add the sugar cane sirup. Using a spoon mix in the water gradually.

Once all the ingredients have come together. Set it aside and let it rest for 20 min. So all the water will be absorbed. The final texture should look like the one in the last frame: play dough kind!

Heat up your deep frying pan with enough oil. Make arepas shape and carefully put them into the oil.

If you are not venezuelan (and have no idea of what is an “arepa”)…what I mean is to make patties/burgers/full moons shapes. I you are as dedicated as me (I love all the same little size) I suggest you then:

– Unfold a sheet of cling film over a cutting board.

– place the dough on top of it.

– then another sheet of cling film,

– using a rolling pin spread the dough about 1 cm deep. (cling film helps to keep things clean and minimizes the mess)

– Take a small coffee cup or a cookie cutter to cut out the shapes

Prepare a plate with paper napkins or a basket where you will place the once fried patties. Keep it close to the kitchen stoves.

Lift up the little circles and place them carefully into the pan for frying. I have a small pan so in mine they fit 4 at the time.

They are ready when you start to notice they get a golden color and they start to fluff, it takes only few minutes.


Here a video of how to fry them:

This video belongs to, a blog I recommend to anyone who loves food and speaks spanish

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