TORTICAS DE PLATANO. Koking banan kake.

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Ever since the husband bought me this Æbleskiver pan as a present from Denmark I have been dying to try one venezuelan recipe in it.

Traditionally it is used to make filled pancakes, you can use: jams, chocolate, vanilla custard, etc.

I made Plantain cakes in it and they turned out simply fluffy and delicious. The best part is that the use of oil is minimum (just use few drops on each hole and rub it around with a paper napkin), so if you can get hold of one buy it because if you have kids for sure it will be a great choice for sundays family breakfast.

For this recipe you really need super ripe (almost black) plantains. Buy them (better if they are already yellow, green will take ages to ripe) put them into a plastic bag and make a good knot, wait and let them ripe inside of it.

Recipe: it makes about 16 units

Super ripe plantain 300 gr (2 units) (skins off)

2 eggs

4 tbsp of muscovado sugar (Brun Farin)

1/4 tsp of cinnamon

pinch of salt

Get 2 wooden sticks (skewers).

Set the æbleskiver on the stove, oil it and on medium heat (usually they are made of cast iron so they reach the temperature quickly and keep it very well throughout the cooking process)

In a blender: eggs, plantain, sugar, cinnamon and salt. blend until you get a smooth creamy mixture.

Lower the temperature and fill up the holes in the pan with your mixture, about 3/4 (you can use a spoon or directly pouring from the blender jug).

Wait about 4 min and with the skewers start turn them over as shown in the picture above. Wait another 5 min and they are done!!!


– Suggestion: serve them warm with a dollop of cream cheese, butter or dust them with glass sugar.

– You could use normal bananas instead, but they are much sweeter so check for the sugar, if the bananas are super ripe you will not need much sugar, also watch out during the cooking time: bananas caramelize (burns) faster.

– If you don’t have access to an æbleskiver pan, use a normal frying pan and spoon the mixture: for smaller cakes (you decide the size you please) and work it as you would with pancakes.


3 thoughts on “TORTICAS DE PLATANO. Koking banan kake.

  1. Hola cori!!! me encanta tu blog, 1era vez que me meto =) Felicidades, y no estaria mal q colocara una pasteleria de dulces venezolanos en Noruegabesitos

    • Gracias Gabriela por tu apoyo!!! eso seria un hermoso proyecto 🙂 a lo mejor les doy la sorpresa el día menos pensado 😀

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