TORTA DE PIÑA. Ananas invertet kake.

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It can be found around the venezuelan christmas tables it is a big favorite among us.

One of its biggest fans is my dear cousin Domingo. I have a great relationship with all my cousins (we are 8 all together). We have the luck to have shared an amazing happy childhood, we would travel together to the beach on vacations and mostly we would spend weekends on each others houses: playing around so so so much.

Many times I wonder how our parents and grandparents managed to keep up with us: I remember we used to play all around in the house, in the front yard, in the parking lot (we lived in buildings) and if it was a sunday… in the streets: on the pavements learning how to cycle, skating (I never learned but have some scars, though!), playing “la ere paralizada”, “123 pollito ingles”, “yakies”… and I don´t have any memory of any grown ups panicking around us, actually I think they were quite happy that we were “away” mocking around, so they could relax???.

We come from a family with a great sense of humor and my mum and uncle tried to get us together as often as they could… and the result of it is a great recollection of funny stories, jokes and a great family relationship. Now that we are all adults, we dont see each other as often as we would like anymore but when we do get together… the laughter is non stop and is as if we have never been apart!.


250 gr margerine

250 gr sugar

5 eggs (room temperature separate whites from yokes)

2 tb baking powder

pinch of salt

1tbs vanilla essence

1 canned pinneaple  (the big ones is around 500 grs  or 2 small ones)

220 gr pinneaple juice (the liquid within the can)

For the caramel

150 grms sugar

1 tb margerine (or butter)


First: prepare the cake form: On the sides using a brush you can cover with softened butter and flour so the cake will not stick to the sides. Don´t brush the bottom.

Make the caramel: place sugar into a sauce pan and pour 1/4 cup of water (or just enough to wet the sugar) cook the caramel to a light brown colour. take the pan out of the heat and add the margerine. Pour the caramel into the cake form. make sure you cover all the bottom with the caramel. Place the pinneaple rings. Set aside.

Second: Whisk up the egg whites with half of the sugar in a bowl. Set aside

Third: Into another bowl whisk (with electric beaters) the margerine with sugar until pale and fluffy then add the egg yokes one at the time until well incorporated.

Fold in, using a spatula, into the margerine mixture one third of the sifted flours (flour, baking powder and salt)

Now fold into this mixture one third of the liquids (pinneaple juice and vanilla essence)

Now again the flours…fold in

Now again the liquids…fold in

Now again the flours…fold in

Now again the liquids…fold in

Now fold into the mixture half of the eggwhites mixture and when incorporated, add the other half.

Finally pour the mixture into the already prepared (with caramel and pinneapple rings) cake form.

Bake 180 oC for 45 mins or until you insert a skewer and it comes out clean.

VERY IMPORTANT: Unmold the cake 10 min after you have take it out from the oven… while still warm!!!! this way the pinneapple rings will not stick to the bottom!! then, let it cool down.


Traditionally it is served with glazed cherries inside the rings but since I coudn´t find any jars in the local shops …I used raspberries instead (they are in season right now in Norway) and they taste fantastic

The texture of this cake is very moist and the pinneaple flavour great.

Note: I used a round 22 cms cake form. This cake is quite high! I love big chunks of it😉

4 thoughts on “TORTA DE PIÑA. Ananas invertet kake.

  1. Hola. Mi nombre es Martha Prazuela y te escribo pues recibi el correo de la asociacion y me encanto saber de tu iniciativa. Caraqueña igual que yo. Me encanta la cocina y he realizado cursos de cocina y pasteleria en en estado Miranda donde vivía antes de mudarme de aca. He compartido la profesión de pastelera durante algun tiempo con mi carrera. En Stavanger, soy aficionada, pero te cuento que hay algunas buenas compañeras de oficio aca. Excelente iniciativa dar a conocer nuestra pastelerïa.

    • Gracias Martha. Que bueno saber de colegas venezolanos en Noruega:) La cocina es mi vida y mi pasion, no me canso de trabajar en ella y usar tambien mi tiempo libre para cocinar las recetas que me fascinan. Gracias por tu comentario y espero nos conozcamos en alguna reunión de venezolanos:)

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