MARQUESA DE CHOCOLATE. Sjokoladepudding kake.

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Or as I prefer to call it: “our sunday cake”.

Me and my sister used to get together to make this cake, on one hand: to do something on the otherwise boring sunday and on the other, to have something fast and tasty to munch on for the rest of the day.

Imagine a 10 year old (the writer) and a six year old (my sis) all by themselves (technically) in the grandma´s kitchen with a big pot of chocolate pudding and a big pile of Marie biscuits…of course, the half of the lot was already in our tummies by the time we had finished assembling it… Those were the days!

Today this tasty cool cake can be found under the name of Marquesas in Venezuela, being equally popular among adults and children. I guess it is so because works as a good alternative to ice cream, since it is served cold.You can find them in the fridges in the shops around Venezuela with variations to the pudding flavor and toppings such as: flaked almonds, crushed oreos, hundreds and thousands (sprinkles), bolero, or the can-never-go-wrong: grated chocolate!

Here in Norway we find the ´sjokoladepudding´in boxes of 500 gr. already made! simply warm it up and use! Freia and Piano are the most popular local brands.

However I would rather make my own pudding mixture, so if you have the time…here is my recipe:

Ingredients for the chocolate pudding

300 gr Milk (or chocolate drink) (plus 1/2 cup to dip the Marie biscuits)

20 gr Maizena

100 gr Chocolate bar (I prefer the dark/mørk one)

395 gr (1 can) Condensed milk

1 Tbsp Instant coffee

sugar to taste (I didn´t use any, to me the sweetness given by the condensed milk is enough)

50gr  Margerine/butter

Procedure for the chocolate pudding

Wisk into a sauce pan: milk, maizena, condensed milk and coffee, bring to a boil. Lower temperature and keep cooking and wisking to prevent lumps from forming. Once it has thickened… as a good pudding should… break the chocolate into small chunks and add it to the mixture, wisk until incorporated. Now, in goes the butter. Incorporate well. Set aside and let it cool down, cover with cling film making surface contact.

Assembling the chocolate “Marquesa”

Dip the marie biscuits in the milk one at the time, otherwise they will go soggy, and place them as one layer all along the bottom of a glass baker (any glass baker shape you have will do).

Cover them well with the pudding mix, smooth it using the back of a wet spoon. Then add another layer of dipped biscuits and so on, all the way to the top. Cover with cling film and place in the fridge for 2 hours.

Before serving: sprinkle the cake with the topping of your choice (flaked almonds, colourful  sprinkles, grated chocolate, crushed oreos, etc)


If making the pudding mix at home: remember that the Maizena has to be incorporated while the milk is cold (or at room temperature), before starting to cook. If done when the milk is already hot it will form nasty lumps that will be very difficult to get rid off later on.

– You can use any liquid to dip the Marie biscuits in.

– You can substitute the chocolate pudding for any other flavour you might wish.

3 thoughts on “MARQUESA DE CHOCOLATE. Sjokoladepudding kake.

  1. Hola Corina! Me encanta tu blog. Creo que le pones cariño y se nota.. no he probado hacer las recetas aun pero ver la pagina da gusto. Me gusta el layout y las imagenes… y tambien leer tus anecdotas asociadas a cada receta. Estaba pensando en hacer esta receta de Marquesa de Chocolate para el Cooking group de Junio (Stavanger Red Crossing). Sera una cena de comida latinoamericana y se me ocurre que este postre pegaria bien. Gracias de antemano por compartir tus recetas y espero que continues dejando en alto la cocina venezolana 🙂

    • Mil gracias por tu comentario!!!! la falta de tiempo me ha tenido alejada, pero tengo muchas recetas por postear aun. Tu apoyo me anima muchísimo!!!! Gracias por seguirme. Esta receta es bien sencilla estoy segura que te quedara fabulosa 🙂

      • Hola nuevamente! Te cuento que hice un experimento con la marquesa. Hice dos mini torticas: una con pudding piano y la otra con tu receta del pudding. Ensamble las tortas con las galletas en forma de torrecita en dos pocillos redondos de esos de creme brule. Pique cada torrecita en pedacitos y les lleve a mis companeros de trabajo para que probaran un pedazo de cada una y me dijeran si notaban diferencia. Y el resultado fue unanime: dijeron “no hay duda.. la B es mejor (la del pudding de tu receta)” 🙂 Que tal? Estuvieron contentos y yo tambien.

        Fijate, yo propuse hacer tu receta en el evento del grupo de cocina del Stavanger red Crossing a realizarse el 20 de Junio. Sera una cena a lo latino con una entrada de ceviche, luego empanada chilena y la marquesa de chocolate como postre. Lo lamentable es que por trabajo tendre que viajar fuera de Noruega por esas fechas y no podre encargarme de la receta. Pero alguien mas lo hara por mi asi que igual el plan sigue en pie. La unica pregunta que me hace esta persona es acerca de las porciones que salen de estas medidas? Como yo solo hice las 2 torrecitas no tengo idea de cuantos pedacitos saldrian de esa cantidad de pudding.. o cuantos paquetes de galleta maria se necesitan.. Tu puedes darme alguna pista con esto de las porciones? Un millon de antemano por echarme una mano 🙂

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